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Non Turn Natural Latex and Wool Mattress - (Hand Stitched Sides)
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Non Turn Natural Latex and Wool Mattress

A supremely soft and comfortable mattress material, Natural Latex is extremely resilient and will bounce back to maintain its shape and support, with its open cell structure it also allows air to be drawn into, and then expelled from, the mattress every time you turn.

Our Non Turn Natural Latex and Wool mattress combines the natural breathability and temperature regulating properties of pure wool with the ventilation and bounce back of natural latex.

1200 hand nested pocket springs respond individually to pressure and provide support where needed, whilst the layers of pure wool and latex provide comfort and breathability giving you a cooler more restful sleeping experience.

Which spring firmness to choose?

A mattress should support your weight gently without hard pressure points on your hips, shoulders and knees, but equally should not sag under your weight.  If you have a light frame or suffer from aching joints and pressure points in bed then go for the soft spring.  If you have a heavier frame then the medium spring is for you.

All of our Wool Mattresses are handcrafted in Britain using British wool waddings. 

The British Bed Federation recommends changing your mattress every 8-10 years.

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