Full Turn Mattress - Warm Side/Cool Side (butterfly sides)

Full Turn Mattress - Warm Side/Cool Side (butterfly sides)

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1200 pocket sprung mattress with butterfly side clips.

Our full turn sprung mattresses are the best that money can buy, no man made foams, no synthetic 'white' fibres, no layers of polyester wadding, just top quality springs and layers of natural fillings.

The Springs

1200 springs sewn into individual pockets are hand nested to create the perfect sleeping experience.  Each spring responds to the bodies weight to provide the optimum support when sleeping, whilst the natural calico casings allows air to circulate around the springs and allows your mattress to breathe, creating a healthy sleeping environment that is improved even further by the natural anti-bacterial and mould resistant properties of the natural wool layers.

The Filling

This double sided mattress gives you the option of a warm surface of soft knitted fabric over deeply layered sumptuously thick British wool, to sink into on those chilly winter nights.

Or a summer surface of woven cotton over a layer of British wool, a deep layer of  cool cotton, and divine cashmere layers.

The Sides

The side panels on this mattress are held internally using butterfly clips.  These clips prevent the mattress side from collapsing under weight and allows the whole width of the mattress to be used. (this method of construction is cheaper and quicker than the traditional hand stitching method)

What Base Is Your Mattress Going To Sit On?

If you are buying a top quality mattress then you need to consider the type of base your mattress will sit on.  A pocket sprung mattress is best suited to a solid divan style base rather than any form of slatted base.  A divan style base will greatly increase the lifespan of your mattress and will reduce the uneven wear and stress caused by a slatted base.  Our mattresses can only be guaranteed if used with a solid style base.  Please speak to us for further advice.


**please note, all our mattresses are made to order and may take up to six weeks to deliver.  A delivery date will be confirmed after purchase.  Delivery is included in the price.

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