Why choose a Baavet?

Beware of other companies' woolly claims

  • At Baavet we use wool from farmers we know, who have years of experience working with the natural wool that goes into our Baavets.
  • Many wool duvet manufacturers use chemicals to strip the wool of its outside fibres. They do this to make their duvets machine washable. But this damages the fibres reducing the effectiveness of the wool to regulate temperature. 
  • Wool is anti bacterial, anti dust mite and it wicks away moisture it’s so clean so you don’t need to wash wool; you only air it. Unless it becomes badly soiled then you can always dry clean it.
  • There are no harmful chemicals used on Baavet wool.
  • We don't bond our wool to polymers nor do we use a polypropylene inter-liner as is the case with some cheaper wool duvets. Please read the small print!
  • Our cotton is made just for us. It's the finest quality 240 thread count.  It’s also dust mite proof beyond the standard set by the Asthma society.
  • We don’t try to sell you a combination a set of 2 duvets. Because wool regulates temperature most people should only need one duvet all year round.
  • Our wool duvets are made to the highest standards. All our products are professionally made on professional machinery in British factories. And the companies involved in our production are all British family owned companies, all with years of production experience.
  • We are the only British company offering these products, in this way, at this quality. with a great British product you can trust.
  • We are so confident of the quality of our product that you can try our duvets for a month and if they don’t do what we say, or for any other reason whatsoever, we will replace it or refund your money. 
  • Customer satisfaction is our priority
  • We like to keep things simple at Baavet... and we believe we are simply the best... better than all the rest!
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