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Baavet and pillows
Wow I am so glad I purchased my new baavet and pillows. I was looking into wool products and came across baavet. I am so glad I did. The quality is just superb. I looked around for a while on the internet but kept coming back to these guys. I loved the story behind the products. So I went ahead and ordered my medium king size baavet and 2 900g pillows. I emailed them before hand with a couple of questions I had. They responded very quickly and was helpful with the questions I had. Once ordered the products where quickly delivered to me. Once her I couldn’t wait to open them. I wasn’t disappointed the overall quality of the products is amazing you can tell a lot of love goes into production. I loved all the little extras included like a sample of the baavet inside to show me the wool and also the little lavender bag to infuse my new baavet with a lavender scent. My new pillows where so plump and soft. I couldn’t wait for night time to come and go to bed ! So just woke up after my first night wow what an amazing nights sleep. The pillows where just right I usually have 2 pillows but not tonight the 1 wool pillow was just right. At first I thought my new baavet was very thin compared to old down and feather duvet and was worried I would be chilly. But I must say my sleeping temperature was perfect all night not too hot and not too cold just perfect. I’m so glad I made the decision to buy my baavet products I want more now. So if your thinking about buying definitely do it you won’t be disappointed
Gareth Blanchard, Hull
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