Customer Testimonials

Wow excellent beautiful
Thank you so much we had a trip to Wales yesterday to collect our king size duvet medium in person. I would like to say thank you to Sonia and the ladies that helped me yesterday so friendly and wonderful customer service. The duvet is beautiful it went straight on the bed last night and it is the best thing I have ever slept under. It is not heavy and it feels like you are wrapped in cotton wool. Best sleep in a long time no taking the duvet off then on. Thank you so much for making such a fantastic product. Whil e I was there I purchased a pillow and a extra case. I sleep on my side and as we all know getting a pillow that is right for you is hard work.. I am a side sleeper and purchased a medium yes it was very comfortable but I wished I had got the next one up and taken some filling out, but it is not a big issue still an excellent pillow and I slept well. Thank you again for such excellent products and fantastic customer service. Tina
Tina Coomer, Crewe Cheshire
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