Customer Testimonials

I just want to let you know how much I love your products . I first came across it at the ideal home show a few years ago and bought 2 duvets from a lovely lady- my daughter has excema so she was keen to get one ! I loved the feel and my husband who sweats a lot in bed also found it stopped this. I just love the feel of the duvet! Then I ordered another duvet in a larger size that was a seconds and gave mine to our other daughter who has returned home after finishing university- We only just unpacked it now even though I bought it months ago. We just looked at the brochure and watched the dragon dens clip- I had no idea !!!! You definitely did the right thing - your product is wonderful and you both are really lovely - Kelly Hoppen is mad’s so light - and a really great product -she should have shown more interest (very disappointing) I really found it very interesting to watch to see how the company started. I agree with roger that wool is the way forward - people have already been persuaded to wear wool in shoes - uggs! I think your company is wonderful- honest and worthy No doubt I’ll be back to buy more of your products soon Anyhow- enough rambling but I wanted to let you know the background and how much I rate your product....I am really fussy about my bed - I’ve got a Jensen bed which is also top of the range and I feel your bedding is just the best thing . Thank you
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