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Really Glad We Found and Bought Baavet
Our old down filled duvet was well past its best and we were about to buy a replacement when I discovered Baavet's website. Both my partner and I were really impressed and motivated by what we read about their pure wool duvets, even to the point of feeling a strong support for our wool industry, and had no hesitation whatsoever in purchasing one, and a pillow as well. We can both highly recommend Baavet and have done so with friends and colleagues. In fact since the 'in-laws' saw ours they have asked us to order a king-size for them as well. All what they say on the website is true and for my own description the quilt has a lovely passive warmth which comes on within a couple of minutes of going to bed. It is a really nice gentle warmth and the ultimate testament is my partner ( a lady who feels the cold quickly ) she hasn't ever switched the electric blanket on before getting into bed since it was delivered !! A very big plus for me, as it's been a pet hate, because it is flatter and less bulky that ordinary duvets it is much much easier to put in the duvet cover. And by the same token another plus is the lack of bulky floatiness of ordinary duvets it drapes really well on the bed hanging much more neatly over the edges. Person ally I have always found it hard to get a comfy pillow I like but so far the new Baavet pillow (mid sized) has been comfortable and offered the best support for me. We can honestly highly recommend Baavet - definitely worth trying - and a good way to support our beautiful British sheep :0)
Graham Smith, Aberdeen
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