Customer Testimonials

So far so good
I ordered the winter weight super king duvet last thursday afternoon and it arrived on friday, which is rather impressive. M uch to my delight it is quite flat and even so fits nicely in the duvet cover with no lumps and bumps. I was worried it would be too light and float off the bed or not give me a comforting hug but my fears were misplaced... It has been lovely so far, it crackles a bit when you move - in a good way! Even though it is only September I have the windows open so it is chilly in the bedroom and it has been really warm. Husband is home tonight and, I cannot tell a lie, I haven't told him how much the duvet cost- it's on a need-to-know basis and I don't think he needs to know, so until I get the thumbs up from him the jury is still out!! In fairness, I'm usually right- most wives are! So... that was yesterday and there was no adverse comment so looks like the duvet is here to stay
Nicole, Great Missenden
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