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Baavet lightweight duvet - yay!!! ( or maybe baa!!!)
Just wanted to say - blimey!!! When it was suggested to me that this would help with managing my now useless ' night thermostat' I was sceptical to say the least. I mean, it's wool, right? That lovely stuff you wear to keep you warm? Exactly what I was trying to avoid??. But listen up!!! I have had my duvet for just over a week, and never once have I had the burning hot skin that had become a feature of my wide awake nights. On one night only, it has been very warm outside, and I spent five minutes without the duvet over me, but even then my skin was only mildly warm! Can it be that this miracle effect will continue through the summer? Even if not, I am already looking forward to the coming autumn and winter under my Baavet sleeping like I remember I used to. Bliss!! P.s. The pillow is great too.........
Jo Lewis, Chelmorton
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