Customer Testimonials

Just thought I must drop you a line to say how the new baavet doggy duvet has worked wonders, touch wood, for my elderly collies, Rowan, aged 16. Firstly when I rang to order the operative on the phone could not do enough to help me to choose the right product for Rowan and even went to the warhouse to measure finished sizes for me. Rowan of late had become a very restless sleeper getting up and down all night long and barking for no reason at all. I put out the duvet the first night and although she was abit reluctant at first to climb onto it. Once she was on couldnt get her off!!!! so far I have had no issues with her getting up and down in the night, I dont think she moves now from when I put the light out until the morning. I already own two of your pillows and one of your duvets, which am more than happy with. I was always cold in bed having to wear a sweatshiret and socks and an extra blanket even though my feather duvet was tog 13. I now dont need any of the extras and sometimes I am even too warm!!! So a big thank you from me for nice warm nights. Hoping that the firm will continue for many more years to come in the way that it runs at the moment as a friendly and excellent service and that we continue to get the monthly news letters that I love to read.
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