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A vote for comfort
I've just received my second Baavet, so thought I could now write a review which will hopefully be useful to others. My first Baavet was a medium-weight one which I bought a couple of years ago. In my experience I found that it was fantastic until it came to winter when it just wasn't enough to keep me warm, even with blankets and throws on top. That said, I do live in the north of Scotland where it can get pretty darn cold in winter and the medium-weight is advertised as 2/3 season, so this is not a criticism. As a result, I found myself resorting to my old faithful 13-tog down duvet when the temperatures plummeted, then switching back to the Baavet once they started to go back up. Fast-forward to now and I've just spent my first night under my new winter-weight Baavet.. Much heavier and warmer, so I don't think I'll be needing to get the down duvet out of the loft this year. I'm even considering ditching the throw and the blanket for now, as I found the Baavet so cosy. We've been lucky this winter so far and it's been relatively mild, so the real test will come once we get well below zero, but I'm confident I'll be snug as a bug in a rug. Oh, and being a true Scot, the sale price was a nice bonus too!
Kim R, Aberdeenshire77
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