Customer Testimonials

Thank you Bavvet!
Wish we'd bought these (Super lightweight king size duvet and pillows) years ago and glad we resisted the temptation to buy elsewhere when they were originally out of stock. Since putting them on our bed we've slept more soundly, with no tossing and turning - bed scarcely needs made in the morning. We've wakened warm but dry, instead of sticky and damp, after shoving the duvet off and on all night. And despite the fact that we're mid-way through November, we're comfortably cosy. It's light as a feather, drapes beautifully, so no nasty wind tunnels, warms up quickly and stays that way. As for the pillows - wow! No more turning every hour or so to get the cool side. Breathe easier, are well supported, and they've magically stopped hubby snoring, so both of us are getting a much better night's sleep. Hooray!! Went away for a long weekend 3 -4 weeks after got them and although the bed and bedding in the house we rented were good quality and comfy, we couldn't wait to get back to our sheep!
Eleanor Drummond, St. Boswells, Scottish Borders
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