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Perfect for hot sleepers and menopause
While we have been redecorating the house I wanted to find a new duvet and cover to posh the bedroom up, but felt like duvet types are frustrating. Duck, goose, polyfiller, so I researched each one but ended up finding a testimony of a lady with menopause which changed my opinion on the idea of wool. While In my early 30s I had a TAH which brought on early menopause and as a result of my medications not working I suffer terribly with hot flushes. My sleeping patterns have been terrible for months with a recorded 3 to 4 hours of sleep a night. The more I researched the testimonials of Baavets for menopause, even though it is a pricy "experiment", has now been worth every single penny. My flushes are still not in check but I'm not tossing and turning having to fling off my covers and it's a strange feeling starting to feel hot but never getting to the point of being uncomfortable? I still can't wrap my mind around feeling comfy while flushed. Our house is a newer built home and holds the heat too well sometimes, but I'm still comfortable under a Baavet. I will probably always scratch my head trying to understand why wool works the way it does. Honestly a duvet is changing my life and my sleep, and I'm definitely sticking to Baavets from now on. If you sleep HOT give a Baavet a go. Even my husband isn't kicking his blankets off anymore. Ha ven't tried the pillows yet but definitely looking at them when funds are available again.
Valerie, Telford
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