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Best thing since sliced bread
Was gifted two duvets , after moving into an old cold damp house and its saved our bacon. The feathered duvet we had formerly was soon kicked to the curb. We just couldn't get warm in bed with it all night and because of being a damp house , the quilt would feel damp too. But the wool duvets are soooooo warm and cosy that its proving difficult to get out of the bed in the mornings. We have had ours for over two years now and are total wool converts . We have become duvet snobs now and will only ever have baavet wool ones. Due to the wools natural properties, you don't get too hot and you never feel cold. The light weight duvet is great for summer nights. I can not sing your praises enough and recommend you to everyone whose in need of a good night's sleep. The duvets are extremely well made and easy to keep clean . Being wool, there will be a 'wool' smell at first but it's not offensive, actually quite nice , but it soon goes anyway. Was also gifted wool pillows and they are so cosy and neck supportive. We've tried foam and feather pillows but wool is the way forward. Thanks baavet!!
Louise clay, Worcestershire
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