Customer Testimonials

King size 325g duvet.
Use the duvet all year as it's exactly as promised and regulates temperature , creating a comfortable sleeping environment. I love the product as well as loving that it's all British!!
Eleanor Kellock, Glasgow
Wool pillow
Absolutely fantastic!! Will be orderring another!!
Catherine Penrose, Conwy
A vote for comfort
I've just received my second Baavet, so thought I could now write a review which will hopefully be useful to others. My first Baavet was a medium-weight one which I bought a couple of years ago. In my experience I found that it was fantastic until it came to winter when it just wasn't enough to keep me warm, even with blankets and throws on top. That said, I do live in the north of Scotland where it can get pretty darn cold in winter and the medium-weight is advertised as 2/3 season, so this is not a criticism. As a result, I found myself resorting to my old faithful 13-tog down duvet when the temperatures plummeted, then switching back to the Baavet once they started to go back up. Fast-forward to now and I've just spent my first night under my new winter-weight Baavet.. Much heavier and warmer, so I don't think I'll be needing to get the down duvet out of the loft this year. I'm even considering ditching the throw and the blanket for now, as I found the Baavet so cosy. We've been lucky this winter so far and it's been relatively mild, so the real test will come once we get well below zero, but I'm confident I'll be snug as a bug in a rug. Oh, and being a true Scot, the sale price was a nice bonus too!
Kim R, Aberdeenshire77
I've been sleeping under my Baavet for just over two weeks and I have to say it's the best duvet I've ever owned. Both my partner and myself have been impressed with the weight and temperature. My only regret is that I didn't buy one sooner.....I'v e been spreading the Baavet word amongst friends and family.
Caroline , Nercwys
Feel like I have been let in on a secret!
Wow, can't believe I haven't heard about wool duvets before. Ours is so comfortable - keeps us toasty warm but not clammy. Amazing. Thanks Baavet for brilliant product and really great customer service from start to finish.
Liz K, Denbigh
Duvet and topper
Firstly thank you for your excellent service! Your products are excellent quality in manufactuer and great in usability! It's great to see a small English company doing this and being so honest with there products. Personally there's no other product which comes close as I'm allergic to dust mites. Well done wish you all the best!
Dean Backhouse, braintree
Great for Scotland
We bought a Bargain Box Super King 3-4 season duvet. It was a customer return but there were no faults. We like that it's light and flat. But mostly we love that it's so warm - on sub zero nights in our unheated stone house we add a throw (no sweaters over our jimjams) but we're never cold. I feel so smug seeing my breath in the morning yet feeling so toasty. But it's hard to get up.
Maggie Mackriell , Glasgow
This was first night with my new dream duvet. The feeling is great. So light and warm. Just right. I love the lightness of duvet. This is first woolen one in my life and I will buy no others from now on.. It's definitely worth spending a bit more as comfortable sleep is as important as healthy diet in our lives
Magda, Southampton
Love my Baavet!
I've had my baavet for a couple of months now. I absolutely love it, never too hot or too cold... always just right! Very happy!
Rochelle, Birmingham
Really Glad We Found and Bought Baavet
Our old down filled duvet was well past its best and we were about to buy a replacement when I discovered Baavet's website. Both my partner and I were really impressed and motivated by what we read about their pure wool duvets, even to the point of feeling a strong support for our wool industry, and had no hesitation whatsoever in purchasing one, and a pillow as well. We can both highly recommend Baavet and have done so with friends and colleagues. In fact since the 'in-laws' saw ours they have asked us to order a king-size for them as well. All what they say on the website is true and for my own description the quilt has a lovely passive warmth which comes on within a couple of minutes of going to bed. It is a really nice gentle warmth and the ultimate testament is my partner ( a lady who feels the cold quickly ) she hasn't ever switched the electric blanket on before getting into bed since it was delivered !! A very big plus for me, as it's been a pet hate, because it is flatter and less bulky that ordinary duvets it is much much easier to put in the duvet cover. And by the same token another plus is the lack of bulky floatiness of ordinary duvets it drapes really well on the bed hanging much more neatly over the edges. Person ally I have always found it hard to get a comfy pillow I like but so far the new Baavet pillow (mid sized) has been comfortable and offered the best support for me. We can honestly highly recommend Baavet - definitely worth trying - and a good way to support our beautiful British sheep :0)
Graham Smith, Aberdeen
New Baavet
Well I have had silk duvets for ten years now and sort of stumbled upon wool duvets and decided to do some research and found this to be the best company by far. I bought a bargain box double baavet with some stitching missing, so I've been waiting for it to get abit colder at night and I can honestly say I absolutely love it!!! At a fraction of the price of the silk duvets and doing the same job with regards to being hypoallergenic and a regulator of heat not an insulator and I am telling anyone who will listen and I talk a lot haha!! So if you have any doubts don't they are amazing!!
Julie, Staffordshire
Absolutely fabulous
Absolutely fabulous. Never had such comfy pillows or such a lovely crisp yet snug duvet. Can't wait to get into bed at night & don't want to get out in the mornings! My best buy ever!
Anna Selby,
Absolutely amazing
I'd recommend Baavet to the world. Absolutely amazing quilt.
Yvonne Bird,
So impressed with Baavet!
I am so impressed with all the Baavet products I have purchased. Pillows, quilts and a mattress topper. Excellent natural products that have transformed my sleep. Great regulators. No more waking up from night sweats. I simply love Baavet products . You have to try them to understand why. They don't feel like a usual duvet. So comfortable and also important natural products with no chemicals.
Carol O'Mahony,
Excellent quality
Arrived promptly and is the same excellent quality I have experienced before. Definitely will recommend to friends and family.
Matthew Dowdeswell,
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