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Baavet quilt
I would just like to say how amazing your baavet quilts are. The delivery was quick, and the quilt is superb quality. I have had a brilliant nights sleep and the quilt is everything you said it was, warm, snuggly, not hot, and wraps round you. I'm going to tell all my friends a baavet is essential! Th anks. Jill Ridge
Jill Ridge, Edwinstowe
King size medium wool duvet
Have just purchased my first ever wool d had the most perfect nights sleep under this wonderful product! I did not believe the 'hype ' about how it would transform sleep ....but it is 100% true and more, no overheating and no waking up chilled. Thank you Baavet, super quality product that does what it says and more
Nicole Adams , Leicester
Beaver super king medium duvet......fantastic!!
Since buying this st the Wensleydale show in August it's been unpacked awaiting the arrival of a new bed to use it. Was slightly concerned about the lavender loo cleaner smell and crinkly cover however once in a duvet cover and used on the bed it is fantastic!. W hy? It's toasty warm but not in an overheated way, it's surprisingly light unlike the old new Zealand Moreno wool one it's replaced and doesn't slide about the bed. It's perfect in every way. I think it will be fine for next summer but if it is too hot that will only give me an excuse to buy a lightweight one at the show next year. I highly recommend this wool duvet and very pleased it's totally British.
Yvonne, Darlington
Really Really Happy
We’ve had two Braavet duvets (a lightweight and a medium). We live in a rural setting in Gloucestershir e and enjoy open windows overnight. The Braavet duvets have proved excellent; thoroughly comfortable, a decent weight and great drape and of course, warm. They are cozy in the colder months and airy during the summer. Lot s of guests have test driven them and I have placeholder for the website because I’m always asked for the details. Br illiant product.
Granvilles, Stroud
Wow excellent beautiful
Thank you so much we had a trip to Wales yesterday to collect our king size duvet medium in person. I would like to say thank you to Sonia and the ladies that helped me yesterday so friendly and wonderful customer service. The duvet is beautiful it went straight on the bed last night and it is the best thing I have ever slept under. It is not heavy and it feels like you are wrapped in cotton wool. Best sleep in a long time no taking the duvet off then on. Thank you so much for making such a fantastic product. Whil e I was there I purchased a pillow and a extra case. I sleep on my side and as we all know getting a pillow that is right for you is hard work.. I am a side sleeper and purchased a medium yes it was very comfortable but I wished I had got the next one up and taken some filling out, but it is not a big issue still an excellent pillow and I slept well. Thank you again for such excellent products and fantastic customer service. Tina
Tina Coomer, Crewe Cheshire
I just want to let you know how much I love your products . I first came across it at the ideal home show a few years ago and bought 2 duvets from a lovely lady- my daughter has excema so she was keen to get one ! I loved the feel and my husband who sweats a lot in bed also found it stopped this. I just love the feel of the duvet! Then I ordered another duvet in a larger size that was a seconds and gave mine to our other daughter who has returned home after finishing university- We only just unpacked it now even though I bought it months ago. We just looked at the brochure and watched the dragon dens clip- I had no idea !!!! You definitely did the right thing - your product is wonderful and you both are really lovely - Kelly Hoppen is mad’s so light - and a really great product -she should have shown more interest (very disappointing) I really found it very interesting to watch to see how the company started. I agree with roger that wool is the way forward - people have already been persuaded to wear wool in shoes - uggs! I think your company is wonderful- honest and worthy No doubt I’ll be back to buy more of your products soon Anyhow- enough rambling but I wanted to let you know the background and how much I rate your product....I am really fussy about my bed - I’ve got a Jensen bed which is also top of the range and I feel your bedding is just the best thing . Thank you
I have two of these fantastic duvets a lightweight and a heavier one They are amazing Nothing else to say
Fiona, Ayrshire
Baavet duvets
I was originally planning to buy feather duvets for the three of us, but after talking to a bird-loving friend, and doing on-line research, I felt really worried, that it would have been unethical and that I didn’t want to support their use. I wanted a natural product so when I discovered Baavet, we took a chance and bought one to try. At first, it felt a little light, but soon realised that it kept the two of us at just the right temperature. To begin with we used lighter ones, and added a blanket in winter, but have since bought two different weights so that we are warm in winter and cooler in the summer. I hang them out in the sun once or twice a year and they are just as fresh as when we bought them. We have been sleeping with them for about four years; I can’t praise them enough and would recommend them to everyone!
Jane Pugh, Sowerby Bridge
Wool Duvet from Bargain Box
Bought a 325g super king size from the Bargain Box, I was a bit unsure if it was a good idea, but I have to say it was a fantastic idea! Great condition, I found it hard to spot the 'oil marks' on the cotton cover, quality control must be very stringent. We are extremely happy with the quilt, there was a slight wool smell to begin with, but it was really quite pleasant and only lasted a few days. The customer services were very helpful in advising the weight closest to the 9 tog rating (polyester filling) we had previously and I think we purchased the correct weight. Very happy especially as wool is natural and sustainable. 100% recommend.
T. Rushworth, Brighton
A little dubious about buying partially because of the cost and secondly because I didn't think it would work. WRONG - heat regulation is brilliant and overall well worth the cost so much so that we've placed another order for a winter SK and 2 pillows!. Downside - bit smelly, need to air before using, and the cover is a little noisy. So glad to be supporting our own farmers and business and delivery was amazing. Thank you Baavet keep 'em coming.
Carol Pearson, Kingswinford
Excellent service, great product- Single Duvets
I bought two single duvets for my boys. I was so impressed throughout. I had a few questions and when I rang I was treated like a much valued customer, which was very nice and extremely rare. The duvets arrived, packaged really well and smelling like fresh lavender because they put little pouches in with them! I cannot remember the last time I was this impressed with the service from somewhere. I will definitely be buying again. :)
Naseema, Blackburn
Would never have any other!
We bought our first Baavet probably 5 or 6 years ago now. It is still as good as new - no shifting around or clumping of wool, no wool coming through the cover. We wouldn't contemplate any other type of duvet now - it's wonderfully warm in winter, (and we live in a cold house) and transitions perfectly through spring and autumn. Even in summer it's the most comfortable quilt I've ever slept under and I've had synthetic, feather and down duvets in the past. Nothing is remotely as good as a Baavet.
Kate T, Maldon
So comfy
We have a simba mattress which although very comfortable, makes us very hot. I had read about wool filled mattress toppers helping to regulate body temperature and found We decided to try the baavet as well. They work a treat, we are no longer waking in the night feeling hot and sweaty,. The duvet feels luxurious and has a nice weight and I think, a very comforting smell. Very pleased with our purchase, like others have said, we don’t want to get out of bed. Have been recommending to everyone we know.
Louise, Maidenhead
Winter weight duvet and mattress topper
I bought a single-bed size duvet and the following week I bought a king-size and a mattress topper, which I tells you how impressed I am with the warmth and comfort of these. I can't fault the quality and the website and service is excellent. So pleased to be able to support an ethical UK company, thank-you.
Paula U, Loughborough
As wonderful as expected.
I first experienced one of your duvets while staying at a friend's. Finally got round to purchasing one, and I'm delighted. They are really fantastic at regulating temperature, and the slight, residual scent of lanolin is very comforting. I'm looking forward to purchasing more of your products in the future, and recommending them to more people.
Mark, Aberdeen
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