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75 x 50 cm wool pillow
I have been using this pillow for a couple of weeks and am returning to purchase a second 900gm pillow. Having tussled for years with combinations of hollow fibre, feather and memory foam, needing two pillows for height, but failing to find the right levels of support and comfort. I opted for the 900gm because I knew I could remove wool if necessary. It turns out that 900gm is my ideal for height, support and softness. I only need one pillow, it stays in place, and aids a sound night's sleep. So far only minimal plumping has been needed to ensure optimal performance for the next sleep. For me this was a luxury purchase but at the time of writing I feel it was well worth the outlay.
Sally T, Newcastle Under Lyme
Baagain wool duvet advertised as marked
Received within 2 days by dpd and cannot see anything wrong with it! This is my second purchase (first from Royal Cornwall Show) and can now have one on spare bed for friends. Than k you - love these duvets
Sue Blumenau, Camborne
Amazing service and lovely product
I ordered a duvet on line with a little trepidation because I wasnt sure if it was going to be as flat as a biscuit. I couldn't have been more mistaken. Its soft, warm, lofty and feels really substantial and luxurious. I am never going back to down duvets, which DO end up as flat as a biscuit. Its also very important to me that I am supporting a UK company.
Hilary , London
Duvet and Pillows
I received both the duvet and pillows yesterday. They are wonderful, thank you! I had the best nights sleep I've ever had and that is the key to being alert and looking forward to the next day, for me. They are beautifully light and stay at just the right temperature all night, cosy and never too hot, nor cold, in fact as Goldilocks would say, 'just right'. The story book was beautiful and I have been showing it to everyone, such a lovely story with really evocative and endearing illustrations. Congratulation s on creating something that is both useful and that genuinely enhances quality of life for all who buy your Baavets.
Surrounding myself with wool!
I love my Baavet winter duvet. We swapped back from our summer (cotton wadding) one this weekend and I'd forgotten how much I love my snuggly wool one. I now sleep with a lovely deep wool mattress topper, a wool duvet and wool pillows (pillows bought elsewhere). I REALLY didn't want to get out of bed this morning! In addition to these I've also bought a couple of the oddments which are fab for using as a blanket on the sofa. I've covered them to blend in with the furnishings so they look smart and are just perfect for these cold evenings.
Jane Brown, Stoke-on-Trent
Changed my life!
My husband purchased a quilt, mattress topper and pillows just over a week ago. I was very sceptical as to if they would ‘work’! I have had treatment for Breast Cancer and take medication which causes night sweats. The sweats were horrendous every single night. I was suffering with really bad fatigue and anxiety due to this. My husband researched different bedding, night wear etc and came across Baavet. He decided anything was worth a try and I am so very glad he did!! From the very first night I slept soundly with very little in the way of sweats. The regulation of body temperature is unbelievable. One week later and I feel like a different person. Very efficient service too from both speed of delivery and a phone call my husband made with a query. I simply cannot recommend this company enough…. Than k you so much!!!
Sandra Rooker, Sheffield
Thank you Bavvet!
Wish we'd bought these (Super lightweight king size duvet and pillows) years ago and glad we resisted the temptation to buy elsewhere when they were originally out of stock. Since putting them on our bed we've slept more soundly, with no tossing and turning - bed scarcely needs made in the morning. We've wakened warm but dry, instead of sticky and damp, after shoving the duvet off and on all night. And despite the fact that we're mid-way through November, we're comfortably cosy. It's light as a feather, drapes beautifully, so no nasty wind tunnels, warms up quickly and stays that way. As for the pillows - wow! No more turning every hour or so to get the cool side. Breathe easier, are well supported, and they've magically stopped hubby snoring, so both of us are getting a much better night's sleep. Hooray!! Went away for a long weekend 3 -4 weeks after got them and although the bed and bedding in the house we rented were good quality and comfy, we couldn't wait to get back to our sheep!
Eleanor Drummond, St. Boswells, Scottish Borders
Double medium wool duvet
I'm very happy with the duvet, I'm always cold and with my polyester duvet I was either too cold or either too hot, but Baavet it's amazing! It regulates my body temperature throughout the night. I wake up now in the morning like I have had the best sleep ever. Baveet is worth every penny.
Fab, Aldershot
Duvet made to order
On Tuesday morning 2nd November I telephoned in an order for a medium duvet size to my specification, as I am disabled with a special bed for which the duvet has to fit. This was made and delivered within 25 hours at 1pm on Wednesday3rd Nivember. This is the second duvet I have bought from Baavet receiving exceptional service on both occasions.I even spoke to a real person on Tuesday which is very unusual nowaday's. First class all round .I would highly reccomend Baavet, an excellent company to deal with.
Peter Hempseed Ogilvie, Camberley
After lengthy research bought initially KS winter duvet, first class quality and service, have now bought mattress protector and pillows, will never buy from anywhere else, have not seen anything this quality for many years.
Jane Liness, Carnoustie
Perfect for hot sleepers and menopause
While we have been redecorating the house I wanted to find a new duvet and cover to posh the bedroom up, but felt like duvet types are frustrating. Duck, goose, polyfiller, so I researched each one but ended up finding a testimony of a lady with menopause which changed my opinion on the idea of wool. While In my early 30s I had a TAH which brought on early menopause and as a result of my medications not working I suffer terribly with hot flushes. My sleeping patterns have been terrible for months with a recorded 3 to 4 hours of sleep a night. The more I researched the testimonials of Baavets for menopause, even though it is a pricy "experiment", has now been worth every single penny. My flushes are still not in check but I'm not tossing and turning having to fling off my covers and it's a strange feeling starting to feel hot but never getting to the point of being uncomfortable? I still can't wrap my mind around feeling comfy while flushed. Our house is a newer built home and holds the heat too well sometimes, but I'm still comfortable under a Baavet. I will probably always scratch my head trying to understand why wool works the way it does. Honestly a duvet is changing my life and my sleep, and I'm definitely sticking to Baavets from now on. If you sleep HOT give a Baavet a go. Even my husband isn't kicking his blankets off anymore. Ha ven't tried the pillows yet but definitely looking at them when funds are available again.
Valerie, Telford
Wool pillow
Fantastic service I ordered on a Wednesday, pillow was delivered on Thursday morning and I had not chosen a special delivery. I have now had the 2 best nights sleep for years. No tingling nerves in my neck and face and no having to swop pillows because my head was so hot.
Dianne Bench, West Sussex
Fantastic. I bought 2 medium duvets 3 weeks ago and never looked back . They have surpassed my expectations, I am delighted with them. Will buy again. Free delivery was impressive - I ordered midday and received them the following day.
Sue, Plymouth
Duvet and Pullow
Prompt efficient delivery. Best nights comfortable ‘night sweat’ free sleep I’ve had in 10 years. Highly recommended and British made. Thank you.
Susan , Worcester
King size lightweight duvet
So pleased we bought one!, I'm having the best nights sleep I've had for years and my long suffering husband is thankful that he no longer has to sleep under two layers of duvet as I previously struggled with night sweats. Can I also say that the lady from customer support, whose advise I sought as to what weight to buy, was a pleasure to talk to and so helpful, our order was placed at in the afternoon and the duvet arrived the next day. If you are reading this wondering whether to buy one, my advise is simple - do it!
Janet Raybould, Chesterfield
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