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Baavet lightweight duvet - yay!!! ( or maybe baa!!!)
Just wanted to say - blimey!!! When it was suggested to me that this would help with managing my now useless ' night thermostat' I was sceptical to say the least. I mean, it's wool, right? That lovely stuff you wear to keep you warm? Exactly what I was trying to avoid??. But listen up!!! I have had my duvet for just over a week, and never once have I had the burning hot skin that had become a feature of my wide awake nights. On one night only, it has been very warm outside, and I spent five minutes without the duvet over me, but even then my skin was only mildly warm! Can it be that this miracle effect will continue through the summer? Even if not, I am already looking forward to the coming autumn and winter under my Baavet sleeping like I remember I used to. Bliss!! P.s. The pillow is great too.........
Jo Lewis, Chelmorton
Baavet and Pillows
Cannot sing the praises highly enough beautiful quality and have had the best sleep in years after purchasing a quilt and pillows must get a mattress topper soon as well Brilliant product Thank you .
Gillian Wattley, Wexford Ireland
Single duvet for our boy
A year ago I purchased a double 550g from the bargain box brilliant price .. not even sure now what was the matter with it you cudnt tell.. all guests comment and we tell them the website Have been waiting on a bargain box single for my son who always ends up in our bed ... so it might not work but he's so excited about sleeping under the sheeps wool .. again at a great price delivery next day although I wasn't expecting it so soon ! Bonus waiting for a double now and kingsize for presents in the bargain box Can't rate this duvet enough and service
Evie, Staffordshire
I have fallen in love...
...with my new wool filled bedding! Very high quality products, well priced...I am now the proud new owner of a wool filled mattress topper, duvet, and two pillows. Could not be happier, and cannot recommend these products enough!
Heather, Limekilns, Scotland
Mattress topper
Absolutely wonderful. We've both slept so well since it arrived.
Jo, Nottingham
double duvet 13 tog
Absolutely beautiful duvet so warm and cozy! Very affordable considering the work ethic, time and care put into make these products, kno wing you can trust the excellent welfare of the sheep
morwenna, cornwall
Had our baavet now for around 18 months. Works exactly as it was described at the show which I bought it from- keeps you at a constant temperature during all s seasons. Recommended to my dad who's bedding is now still in one piece in the morning as he hasn't thrown his duvet off during the night! Going to order a superking now as just ordered a bigger bed!
Rebecca , Derbyshire
Duvet, topper and dog beds
Cannot praise this company highly enough, from ordering to delivery to use of their fabulous products there are no words to describe just how satisfied we are. Humans and fur babies are snug and comfy.
Sharyn, Suffolk
King size 325g duvet.
Use the duvet all year as it's exactly as promised and regulates temperature , creating a comfortable sleeping environment. I love the product as well as loving that it's all British!!
Eleanor Kellock, Glasgow
Wool pillow
Absolutely fantastic!! Will be orderring another!!
Catherine Penrose, Conwy
A vote for comfort
I've just received my second Baavet, so thought I could now write a review which will hopefully be useful to others. My first Baavet was a medium-weight one which I bought a couple of years ago. In my experience I found that it was fantastic until it came to winter when it just wasn't enough to keep me warm, even with blankets and throws on top. That said, I do live in the north of Scotland where it can get pretty darn cold in winter and the medium-weight is advertised as 2/3 season, so this is not a criticism. As a result, I found myself resorting to my old faithful 13-tog down duvet when the temperatures plummeted, then switching back to the Baavet once they started to go back up. Fast-forward to now and I've just spent my first night under my new winter-weight Baavet.. Much heavier and warmer, so I don't think I'll be needing to get the down duvet out of the loft this year. I'm even considering ditching the throw and the blanket for now, as I found the Baavet so cosy. We've been lucky this winter so far and it's been relatively mild, so the real test will come once we get well below zero, but I'm confident I'll be snug as a bug in a rug. Oh, and being a true Scot, the sale price was a nice bonus too!
Kim R, Aberdeenshire77
I've been sleeping under my Baavet for just over two weeks and I have to say it's the best duvet I've ever owned. Both my partner and myself have been impressed with the weight and temperature. My only regret is that I didn't buy one sooner.....I'v e been spreading the Baavet word amongst friends and family.
Caroline , Nercwys
Feel like I have been let in on a secret!
Wow, can't believe I haven't heard about wool duvets before. Ours is so comfortable - keeps us toasty warm but not clammy. Amazing. Thanks Baavet for brilliant product and really great customer service from start to finish.
Liz K, Denbigh
Duvet and topper
Firstly thank you for your excellent service! Your products are excellent quality in manufactuer and great in usability! It's great to see a small English company doing this and being so honest with there products. Personally there's no other product which comes close as I'm allergic to dust mites. Well done wish you all the best!
Dean Backhouse, braintree
Great for Scotland
We bought a Bargain Box Super King 3-4 season duvet. It was a customer return but there were no faults. We like that it's light and flat. But mostly we love that it's so warm - on sub zero nights in our unheated stone house we add a throw (no sweaters over our jimjams) but we're never cold. I feel so smug seeing my breath in the morning yet feeling so toasty. But it's hard to get up.
Maggie Mackriell , Glasgow
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