Customer Testimonials

Wool pillow
Fantastic service I ordered on a Wednesday, pillow was delivered on Thursday morning and I had not chosen a special delivery. I have now had the 2 best nights sleep for years. No tingling nerves in my neck and face and no having to swop pillows because my head was so hot.
Dianne Bench, West Sussex
Fantastic. I bought 2 medium duvets 3 weeks ago and never looked back . They have surpassed my expectations, I am delighted with them. Will buy again. Free delivery was impressive - I ordered midday and received them the following day.
Sue, Plymouth
Duvet and Pullow
Prompt efficient delivery. Best nights comfortable ‘night sweat’ free sleep I’ve had in 10 years. Highly recommended and British made. Thank you.
Susan , Worcester
King size lightweight duvet
So pleased we bought one!, I'm having the best nights sleep I've had for years and my long suffering husband is thankful that he no longer has to sleep under two layers of duvet as I previously struggled with night sweats. Can I also say that the lady from customer support, whose advise I sought as to what weight to buy, was a pleasure to talk to and so helpful, our order was placed at in the afternoon and the duvet arrived the next day. If you are reading this wondering whether to buy one, my advise is simple - do it!
Janet Raybould, Chesterfield
New duvet
I have taken delivery of my new Baavet duvet today. First of all, I want to compliment you on the way it was packaged up: imagine my surprise to find a little lavender bag tucked inside, such a nice touch. I was very pleased with the quality of my duvet and can’t wait for my first night’s sleep with it! Thank you so much, I will certainly recommend you to friends and family.
Soraya Lamarti, Broadway
Natural and amazing product
Excellent wool products. I have been a customer for some years and in that time I have bought 2 pillows, 2 single duvets, 2 king size duvets, 1 single mattress cover and king size duvets. One day I hope to order a mattress! My sleep has benefitted hugely from not being overheated in the summer or conversely chilly at night in the winter. Thank you Baavet for producing your wonderful wool products, long may you continue.
Rowena, Melbourn
Best thing since sliced bread
Was gifted two duvets , after moving into an old cold damp house and its saved our bacon. The feathered duvet we had formerly was soon kicked to the curb. We just couldn't get warm in bed with it all night and because of being a damp house , the quilt would feel damp too. But the wool duvets are soooooo warm and cosy that its proving difficult to get out of the bed in the mornings. We have had ours for over two years now and are total wool converts . We have become duvet snobs now and will only ever have baavet wool ones. Due to the wools natural properties, you don't get too hot and you never feel cold. The light weight duvet is great for summer nights. I can not sing your praises enough and recommend you to everyone whose in need of a good night's sleep. The duvets are extremely well made and easy to keep clean . Being wool, there will be a 'wool' smell at first but it's not offensive, actually quite nice , but it soon goes anyway. Was also gifted wool pillows and they are so cosy and neck supportive. We've tried foam and feather pillows but wool is the way forward. Thanks baavet!!
Louise clay, Worcestershire
Winter duvet and mattress protector
Really happy with the winter and summer duvets, winter one thick, warm and really good quality, mattress protectors thick and extremely comfortable. Excellent customer service, amended my order efficiency.
PAMELA BRUCE, Aberdeenshire
Baavet double duvet
I bought this duvet in the wool expo at Nottingham two years ago. I find that it adjusts to my body temperature, even more than feather and down. I have not needed to change it from summer to winter - although on a handful of nights I have thrown on a Welsh Tapestry blanket. I have bought other wool duvets, but they are not of the same standard as the Baavet both in the distribution of wool and the quality of the cotton cover. I would recommend it wholeheartedly .
Glenys Allen, MATLOCK
Baavet customer service
Fantastic service with a smile ( or it felt like it) helpful staff superb item
Jennifer Jones, Ely
Had my medium weight duvet a week now and it's amazing so lightweight but lovely and warm . I did a lot of research and it's surpassed my expectations. I've ordered a light weight one today for the summer months. Many thanks it's perfect and I'm delighted. Anyone considering a purchase I'd say go ahead it's worth every penny.
Sasha , Sowerby Bridge
Baartholomew bear
Hello, thank you all so very much for lovingly creating the beautiful bears. I adore mine. The workmanship, fabrics used are of top quality, the attention to detail on him is first class, his reversible jacket made using Liberty print fabric and gorgeous soft suede is stunning- I’d like one for myself please (size 10!) His facial features are arranged perfectly to give him a friendly fun demeanour. I was lucky enough to receive Bear No 4 this Is intricately embroidered on to his right paw. He arrived very promptly in a super cute extra strong paper Baavet bag, lovingly wrapped in a Baavet duvet, with extra wool to protect him during his travels from Wales to Lancashire . Our cat has claimed the small duvet - such a lucky cat. I was also very pleased to get your own little book, it’s delightful, it’ll be enjoyed by us and our other dog loving friends. I have had a double duvet, a sample from the bargain box which I use as a travelling duvet ( when we could travel!) and now a splendid bear. Thank you all at Baavet you are a great company to deal with, wishing you all the best in the future.
J Armstrong , Lancashire
Double Baavet and Wool Pillows
I am so pleased to have come across this company after seeing an advert in my Sunday paper. I always dress in wool - it's the only thing that keeps me warm - however I was unaware of wool duvets. My baavet is wonderful, light but warm - especially when in the West of Scotland we had the coldest night of the winter so far where the incoming tide actually froze on the beach! The jury is still out on the pillows though, as I like to "mould" my feather ones around me - think I may have to remove some of the wool from the mid weight ones, as I am keen to get it right. Overall a great service from a British company. Loved the information booklet and the wee bag of lavender.
Fiona Shields, Dalrymple
Hot flushes gone
We treated ourselves to a wool duvet for Christmas, drawn by its temperature regulation properties and being UK made. Since using it, my hot flushes have completely gone and I never wake up too hot or too cold. Amazing product. Would definitely recommend to ladies of a certain age!
Mary , Southampton
King Size Duvet
Where to start, purchased this King size duvet on 4th November 2020, so have been using it now for nearly 2 months now. I do have one issue, just wish I had found Baavet 10 years ago, from the staff to the goods, everything has been fantastic and I'm a real fusspot. When chatting with the girls in the office of Baavet nothing was to much trouble, even got the duvet delivered the very next day, it was packaged well and liked the touch with the sampler enclosed and I know this might sound silly but they even provide a pen just incase you wish to fill out a returns label , again nice touch. Now to the duvet itself it is a great weight (in a good way), that actually keeps me warm, I've tried duvets from Synthetics to Hungarian Goose Down and nothing compares to this Baavet duvet, it is made so well even the stitching is excellent. Every night I look forward to going to bed and every morning I'm reluctant of getting out of it. Please note I do not do reviews normally but I'm so impressed with the duvet and the company I had to let other people no.
Steve , Newton Abbot
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