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Cube dog bed
We have just bought a cube bed for our dog, Siencyn. He was very fond of his old fluffy bed, so we were devising strategies to persuade him in to the new one one; however he walked around it twice, put in one paw and then settled. This morning, after his first night, it took two hours to persuade him to get up. We are now looking at duvets and mattress protectors. G ill &Jeff Williams Pontypridd
Gill Williams, Pontypridd
Baavat Matress Topper Duvet and Pillows
Only just unpacked after 6 months or so. Mattress topper, king size duvet, pillows- I bought the lot. I originally bought two single medium weight duvets as I thought to go Scandinavian and have two Singles on the king size bed to stop my husband grabbing the covers. However, I couldn't manage to control them, so so now have ordered the king size duvet in Winter Weight .Can't wait for it to come. I am keeping the two Singles for the guest rooms. Having just moved from the south to Northumberland , I thought my electric blanket would be on Overdrive! Not so. The warmth coming from the Topper and from the duvet is just wonderful. Comfort second to none and I am one happy lamb. I love that you can remove wool if you wish from the pillows. I adore the packaging, gifts of spare wool and lavender. My other bedrooms will get the same treatment. Th ank you so much. I wish I'd found you years ago.
Ann E Long , Hexham
Baavet medium
Had our duvet for a year now and can honestly say it’s worth every penny. If you’re contemplating buying one, don’t hesitate- you won’t regret it.
Christine Davies , Cleveleys, Blackpool
Medium Weight Wool Duvets
We are absolutely delighted with our Baavets that arrived 6 days ago. They are very well made and very comfy and I would certainly recommend them. Service was also excellent and they arrived very quickly.
J Sowell, Falmouth
Duvet, pillow (and a Snow Bear!)
It is rare these days to find a product that exceeds all your expectations, both on quality and customer service. It is Baavet’s attention to every little detail that convinces you that you have just made an excellent quality purchase as soon as the box arrives. First excellent, fast delivery with progress information from the moment you place the order. Then there are little touches like the surprisingly well made cotton bag that the duvet arrives in, plus the little sachet of lavender in with the duvet. Even the unexpected courtesy pen, that came with my order, is a really nice courtesy pen! The the quilt itself - it is lovely! Light in weight but so cosy, and the quality of workmanship from the delightful Baavet logo to the substantial feel of the cream cotton cover. I decided to also to buy a wool filled pillow which again impressed. Not too soft but surprisingly supportive, with a wonderful smell of real wool. On impulse, I decided to also buy a limited edition Arthur Snow Bear - again he is a wonderful example of true British craftsmanships , and so adorable - destined to be a family heirloom that will be loved for generations. We should all be buying British, buying quality, buying Baavet!
Ellis Charles Pike, Northiam, Rye
Best night's sleep we can remember .
First of all may I say how much we enjoy your newsletter . Pauline and I after much deliberation, decided to invest in some of your products .We purchased a King Size Mattress Topper ,King Size Duvet ( Medium Weight ) and two Pillows ( 1 x 900 gm Firm + 1 x 800 gm Medium ) On the telephone Elle could not have been more helpful and guided us through our choices to ensure that we purchased exactly what we needed. Since the delivery of our items , very quick in two days ,we have enjoyed some of the best quality sleep of our lives . I have waited over a week before contacting yourselves to ensure that the experience continued . We wish that we had known about BAAVET products years ago as we have only just realized what we have been missing out on ( Our respective ages are 78 & 86 ). We would certainly recommend your products as they are First Class / Five Star and have really helped with our sleep. Kind regards, Ro y and Pauline Hubbarde ( Very , Very Satisfied Customers )
Roy Hubbarde, ANSTEY
Just thought I must drop you a line to say how the new baavet doggy duvet has worked wonders, touch wood, for my elderly collies, Rowan, aged 16. Firstly when I rang to order the operative on the phone could not do enough to help me to choose the right product for Rowan and even went to the warhouse to measure finished sizes for me. Rowan of late had become a very restless sleeper getting up and down all night long and barking for no reason at all. I put out the duvet the first night and although she was abit reluctant at first to climb onto it. Once she was on couldnt get her off!!!! so far I have had no issues with her getting up and down in the night, I dont think she moves now from when I put the light out until the morning. I already own two of your pillows and one of your duvets, which am more than happy with. I was always cold in bed having to wear a sweatshiret and socks and an extra blanket even though my feather duvet was tog 13. I now dont need any of the extras and sometimes I am even too warm!!! So a big thank you from me for nice warm nights. Hoping that the firm will continue for many more years to come in the way that it runs at the moment as a friendly and excellent service and that we continue to get the monthly news letters that I love to read.
Baavets in general
Love the products and the service! Best duvets ever....
Mrs Lesley Howard, KENDAL
Baavet products feedback
I stumbled on your add (in RSPB Mag) and was intrigued and excited to hear your story as I am very keen for more sustainable, planet friendly products for humans, locally produced and also respecting our animals, crazy that pure wool is no longer 'valued'!, and our environment. I was slightly concerned the cost would be outside my budget and so delighted I could buy your products at a very comparative price to synthetic high street stuff. I was encouraged by the other testimonials and ordered a 'light' duvet, some pillows and a cat baavet for my elderly cat. They all arrived super quick and are extremely high quality. I agree with all the positive comments I had read and surprisingly the light weight has comfortably replaced our winter weight polyester, but is SO much more comfortable, being super light weight yet warm, breathable and has that 'wrap around' drape effect. With a light wool blanket, even good at -5 in our old cottage! The breathability makes for a much more regulated temperature throughout the night. I'm a 100% Baavet convert! Have recommended to family and friends interested in environmentall y friendly products and those with allergies. Brilliant find! and I truly hope you keep making them and continue to be successful and more people find and appreciate your products!
Jaqui Austin, Hereford
What Fantastic Service!
I have purchased 3 of your wonderful duvets in the past and decided to buy 3 winter weight as Christmas Gifts. I ordered them at the beginning of December and was advised that delivery would be a bit delayed. This was fine as although we were going away you changed the delivery address to my son's house and the big box was delivered when you said it would be. I was able to collect it from my son on the Thursday evening before Christmas. I opened it that evening to find 3 medium weight not winter weight. I rang your office at just after 9am the next day (23rd December) and explained the problem. Ellie said she would ring me back in 10 minutes. This she did with the information at 3 winter weight duvets would be on the van that day and would be with me the next day, Christmas Eve! They arrived at 10.30am on Christmas Eve. The recipients were delighted with their gifts the next day and love them. 3 more Baavet converts! I really expected to be told there was nothing you could do that close to Christmas but you sorted it. This is service at it's very best, an indication of a good business. I cannot thank you enough for the effort.
Helen Powell, Gloucester
Lightweight wool duvet
I bought the lightest weight duvet at Wonderwool this year (April) and we’ve had it on the bed ever since. During the December cold snap we did add a fleece blanket BUT considering the time of year (it’s January) this duvet has remained all that we have needed. The blanket has been banished. Maybe we do cheat a little by using a teddy fleece duvet cover throughout the winter but in the past we’ve always had to use a 15tog one to get the same warmth. This duvet is lovely and light and the only time it needed some extra help to keep us warm was when the temperature dropped below freezing. I recall my husband’s horror when I told him how much I’d spent on this duvet. Now he thinks it was money very well spent and I agree with him. When the weather warms and we return to cotton duvet covers I am super confident that our Baavet duvet will keep us just at the right temperature.
Fiona Wiggins, Blaenau Ffestiniog
Wool mattress protector
My wonderful mattress protector arrived today - unbelievably fast as only ordered yesterday - amazing service! I already have a couple of other Baavet toppers and duvets - gradually switching all the beds to lovely wool!
Patricia Walker , Southsea
Fabulous! ... wish I'd known sooner
Really great - a WI member mentioned these Baavet duvets and pillows and I am so impressed - just LOVE ours. Much better regulated warmth than our traditional duvet and I'm sleeping much more soundly. Good feeling supporting a British business and our hard working farmers too. Worth every penny and I totally recommend.
G Devereux-Batchelor, Market Harborough
Two pillows and a winter duvet.
Excellent product that even my fussy dad (who has to have the perfect pillow) was eyeing up my pillows to use while I’m away on night shifts.
Deanna, Cornwall
Baa Baa Brilliant
Ordered my duvet on Thursday, went to bed with it on Friday and slept until Saturday! Gre at service and a great British product. Thank you.
Patricia Carrivick, Dorset
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