Happy Customers
28 Mar

Happy Customers

Posted By: Lesley

 My Baavet journey


Here is a short story about how I became a great lover of all things Baavet.


For many years , back in the early 2000 I used to see this little stall pop up at my little agricultural show.  It stocked what was supposed to be the warmest duvet made of wool.  I used to look at them every time and put my hands under the testers to feel the warmth of them.  Since then I have always had an eye on how things were going with the company and countless times I had looked at the website.


I have always suffered with the cold and even with a 13 tog feather duvet I was finding that I needed to wear a sweatshirt to bed, extra blankets, and leave the underblanket on a low setting all night!!  Eventually I decided enough was I enough and I would put Baavet to the test.  I was lucky in picking up a single duvet in the bargain box, its only fault that it had been filled to much so instead of being the standard 13 tog equivalent it was more like 15 or 16.  


When I ordered on the phone the lady was most apologetic for this fact, but my reply was the warmer the better!!  I was assured that if I was not happy within 90 days of purchase I could return it for a full refund.


It was an overnight revelation.  Never have I been so warm and cosy in my bed.  No more wearing jumpers to bed, even on the coldest of nights and no leaving the underblanket on.  I cant wait to get to bed now.  After some years I also bought two of the pillows.


My last in the line is the purchase of a Baavet dog bed for my elderly dog Rowan.   She has been a brilliant dog and always very devoted and full of love.  She is very gentle and qualified as a Therapy pet.  We visited a local school for many years for her to be a reading dog, listening to children with learning difficulties read.  She was quite happy to let them pull and push her with never a cross word.  It was amazing to see the difference in the children that we had an association with and how much more calm and relaxed they became in her presence.  She was also a very talented Obedience dog, getting to quite a high level in the dog obedience world. As long as she made me happy then she was happy to work her socks off.  She has been having very restless nights for about 6 months and would not settle at night continually pacing and barking.  I     have always wanted to purchase dog beds for my two but could not really afford two.  I decided that since Rowan was getting  on, 16 years old,  perhaps she would enjoy an extra bit of comfort.  Again I rang up your very helpful staff who measured all the different sizes available for me to see which would be the best size for Rowan.  


Just a fortnight ago we took delivery of the bed and since then I have not had one disturbed night.  I dont hear a peep from Rowan all night and I dont even think she moves on the bed.  Why did I take so long to take the plunge.  I have appended some photos of her.


So to all those out there who think Baavet is a gimmick and not worth the extra expense I say take the plunge and feel the difference.  I wish that I had not waited so long.


An added bonus is that the staff are always so polite and helpful, its a welsh product, natural and still a small firm that meets up to its promises and is always at hand to answer questions, nothing being too much trouble to answer.


Heartfelt thanks from me and Rowan for warm comfortable nights.  Long may you continue to carry on the good work.






PS love the monthly newsletter.

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