Happy New Year
05 Jan

Happy New Year

Posted By: Roger

Well here we are already into a new year and the start of a new Baavet Blog.

For those who may have been with us from the start you may remember we did have a Baavet Blog at the beginning of this incredible Baavet journey but stopped sometime ago due to the pressures of work. Now we want to revive the blog as we go into a new year.

So in this January, named of course after the Roman god Janus with 2 faces, one looking back the other looking forward, perhaps we could look back at where we came from as we go into another year with Baavet.

It's hard to believe that 7 years ago Lesley and I (Mr and Mrs Baavet) had no experience whatsoever of manufacturing. In fact when I uttered the immortal words "Let's stuff wool in a duvet" we only ever thought that if you could stuff wool in a duvet then someone else would do that for us. We planned only to find the wool and do the marketing. Only when we discovered that no one in the UK could commercially make a wool duvet did we entertain giving it a go. Oh, ignorance really is bliss.

But then it’s easy to be carried along on the wave of enthusiasm, especially when you find people only too willing to help you along. This is what happened when we met David, an experienced manufacturer who could at least help us with part of the process. He loved the idea of a wool duvet and was keen to help us develop our product.

But the innocence and enthusiasm soon gave way to desperation as problem upon problem mounted and the costs of developing the product spiralled out of control and we found ourselves running 3 businesses to pay for Baavet. We were running our farm, a self catering barn conversion, and adventure activity business. Looking back I don't know how we did it. But then that's what happens to so many people in life, for one reason or another, who find they are trying to juggle home and work commitments and running to stand still.

In the end what really saved Baavet, apart from our own dogged determination, was firstly the help of David an experienced manufacturer, and secondly we were producing far too much damaged material so we started The Bargain Box and thanks to the great British Public, who loves a bargain, we were able to sell this stock. And of course we still have our Bargain Box items which are still as popular as ever.

But the main reason that Baavet has been so successful is that the product does "everything it says on the tin", people have recognised that quality and supported us every step of the way.

I can remember a telephone conversation with a customer in the early difficult years. She had phoned to thank us for making her such a lovely product which had helped her so much with her sleep. I was having a bad day so I did a little bit of crying on her shoulder, so to speak. After listening for some time she said. “Whatever you do don’t give up now Baavets are too good”

That really meant a lot to me and the rest of the Baavet team, together with all the other great comments and thanks we got.

But without great customers the Baavet story would have died a long time ago.

So as we look back we say a sincere thank you for all your support. Through good times and bad.

Everyone at Baavet HQ wish you all a healthy and prosperous 2017


Regards and a Happy New Year to you all

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