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Charity they say begins at home but when it comes to the British people we are the world’s leading givers to charities outside of the home. Whether it's people taking part in the London marathon, organising Red nose day events, or just responding to an appeal to help in sending money for some world disaster we are, as a nation, quick to give and quick to help.  That’s something that we can truly be proud of.

We have always done our best at Baavet to support charities that come to us for help, but we have decided  to do this more formally by highlighting certain small, deserving charities which our customers may not have heard of and may wish to join us in supporting.

Our first choice is little Freddy. He is 10 years old and with his small Shetland pony Samantha rides in Shetland pony Grand Nationals around the country. His family pay for all of his expenses for the events but what Freddy would like is for people to sponsor him riding and all of those proceeds will go to the Bob Champion Trust for Cancer research.

If you would like to donate and sponsor Freddy Tewson-Green, please visit website:

More info on Bob Champion and our support for little Freddy

Bob Champion was a quite famous jockey in the late 1970’S and early 80’s but at the height of his career he was diagnosed with testicular cancer. There followed extensive, difficult and often painful treatment for his condition but he battled through and successfully recovered. Bob then went on to win the Grand National in 1981 on a horse named Aldanti.

To win such a prestigious race makes for national celebrity status but to win against the extra odds of a fight against cancer made Bob a national hero. He appeared that year on the BBC programme “This is Your Life.”
As with so many “real life heroes” Bob became not only an inspiration to others but was able to use his new found status to help others by founding the Bob Champion Trust helping in the fight against cancer.
So here we are, nearly 40 years later, and Bob is still inspiring others, not only to go on and follow their dreams, but to do so in a practical way of raising money for charities.

Freddy on his horse Samantha.

Enter our little Freddy (hope he doesn’t mind us calling him “our little Freddy”) competing in the Shetland Pony Grand Nationals to follow his dreams and help others in the process .If you would like to sponsor  Freddy for  the Bob Champion Trust please go to the link.

And for more details on the Bob Champion Cancer Trust go to

We will keep you updated as to Freddy’s progress and the events he will be taking part in, you might even like to go along and cheer him on!
Watch this space.

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