Non Turn Cool Sleep Mattress - (Hand Stitched Sides)

Non Turn Cool Sleep Mattress - (Hand Stitched Sides)

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1200 pocket sprung mattress with a natural latex comfort layer, wool top, and a hand stitched side border.

The Filling

If you suffer from night sweats or generally overheat in bed then you need to avoid mattresses that contain any type of man made foam, especially memory foam.  These closed cell synthetic materials are great at insulating you against the cold but during sleep your body will give off a lot of heat and moisture that gets trapped between your skin and the foam filling in your mattress.  The heat will build and cause you to wake leading to continually disturbed sleep, whilst the moisture will provide an ideal breeding ground for bacteria and mold spores.

Natural latex, derived from the Para rubber tree (Hevea Brasiliensis) has an open cell structure which combined with the pinholes created during manufacturing mean that the latex slab is very well ventilated.

Movement on a latex mattress will further increase air circulation as air is pushed out under weight and then fresh air is sucked back in when you move, all of this means you will feel fresher and cooler on natural latex, allowing for a more peaceful sleep. Sleep quality is further improved by the pure wool top and bottom layers of the mattress which are naturally breathable, anti bacterial, mold resistant, and naturally dust mite resistant.

The Springs

1200 Individual springs sewn into pockets are hand nested to create the perfect sleeping experience.  Each spring responds to the bodies weight to provide the optimum support when sleeping.  A row of firmer springs along each edge of the mattress prevent the sides from collapsing under weight.

The Sides

 The side panels on this mattress are hand stitched in the traditional manner.



What Base Is Your Mattress Going To Sit On?

If you are buying a top quality mattress then you need to consider the type of base your mattress will sit on.  A pocket sprung mattress is best suited to a solid divan style base rather than any form of slatted base.  A divan style base will greatly increase the lifespan of your mattress and will reduce the uneven wear and stress caused by a slatted base.  Our mattresses can only be guaranteed if used with a solid style base.  Please speak to us for further advice.


**please note, all our mattresses are made to order and may take up to two to four weeks to deliver.  A delivery date will be confirmed after purchase.  Delivery is included in the price.

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