Baarney The Baavet Bear

Baarney The Baavet Bear

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The Baavet Bears are here!

A British handmade teddy bear, that will bring a lifetime of happy memories.

What is more symbolic of a good night’s sleep than a teddy bear …

Our new Baavet bears are-made exclusively for us by Canterbury Bears, a long established British brand who are using the finest mohairs and our own British Baavet wool to create two beautiful bears that are perfect for gifting.

Baarney The Baavet Bear is a traditional design this soft golden mohair bear is a gift that will be cherished by generations. 100% pure gold mohair is complimented by a lovely yellow muffler and ultra suede pads and paws. He has shiny black safety locking eyes and a black woollen hand-embroidered nose, he is fully jointed using English wood, and hand filled with our British wool. 

Height: approx 33cm

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