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Add a layer of woolly protection to your mattress with our natural wool filled protectors. Our..
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A British handmade teddy bear, looking for his forever home.Buddy is a limited edition of just twelv..
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The prefect gift for someone who appreciates the wonders of wool. Use the gift voucher against ..
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Are you looking for a top quality product that supports British farmers and British manufacturing?  

Baavet Wool Mattress protectors made in Britain using 100% British wool.......guaranteed!

Remember all Baavet wool products are breathable, moisture wicking, temperature regulating and are naturally hypoallergenic and with amazing thermal qualities thanks to the wonders of wool.

No nasty chemicals, no nasty treatments, and no man made allergies.

You may already be basking in the wonders of a wool Baavet but did you know you can get even more benefits from wool by sleeping on top of it as well as under it.

Now my old granny would always give us a wool blanket under the bottom sheet in winter to keep us warmer. But if we had had a Baavet wool mattress protector it could have stayed on top of the mattress all year round to keep us warm in winter and cool in summer, or our wool mattress protector can protect your mattress whilst giving you all the benefits of wool creating a healthier sleeping environment. 

Wool mattress protectors are highly breathable and moisture wicking, if you have a foam mattress you will need to remove the Baavet wool protector weekly to allow the foam mattress to air and moisture to disperse.

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