Arthur Snow Bear

Arthur Snow Bear

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The Baavet Bears are here!

A British handmade teddy bear, that will bring a lifetime of happy memories.

What is more symbolic of a good night’s sleep than a teddy bear …

Our Baavet bears are-made exclusively for us by Canterbury Bears, a long established British brand who are using the finest mohairs and our own British Baavet wool to create beautiful bears that are perfect for gifting.

Arthur Snow Bear is a limited edition of just 12, this traditional teddy bear is perfect for the collector or as an heirloom gift. 100% pure antique curly white mohair, he has ultra suede pads and paws, shiny black safety locking eyes and a black woollen hand-embroidered nose. He is fully jointed using English wood, and hand filled with our own British wool. Wearing a detachable ultra suede waistcoat with a liberty fabric lining, embroidered on the back with the Baavet logo, and with his edition number embroidered onto his foot pad.

Height: approx 33cm

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