The Power of The Universe (Part 1)
15 Jan

The Power of The Universe (Part 1)

Posted By: Roger

According to the papers Monday January 16th is the most miserable day of the year, Christmas is over, the New Year resolutions have been broken, the weather’s dismal, you realize just how much you spent and the credit card has to be paid.

So let me tell you a story about dreams and what happens when you follow them.

It was Christmas 1969, I had given up my secure job, my car, and my home  because I wasn’t really happy, those things weren't really me, I needed more adventure in my life, although I didn’t know exactly what sort of adventure.

I was going to Scotland to climb Ben Nevis and other mountains with my friends. It was great weather with plenty of snow. We had a very memorable Christmas day on the top of the Ben eating chicken sandwiches and did plenty of other winter climbing during the week but then my friends had to go back to work. But I didn’t have anything to go back for so I stayed on until after New Year. I should say at this point that I had one plan and that was to go and spend the winter in a mountain bothie (that’s a barn with no heating and no lighting) on the slopes of Yr Aran, a mountain next to Snowdon. 

Eventually I left Scotland heading for Wales but without a car I had to hitch-hike.

The first day I only made it to Glasgow and with nowhere to stay I headed for the Youth Hostel. There I met a young American couple who had just come back from India. “It was great man” she said as she sat combing the guy’s very long hair, remember it was 1969!

They told me of how you can escape the materialism of the West, find yourself, love and peace. But the one thing they said which really struck me was that you could live for 3 pence a day, or just over a penny in new money.

Well the thought that you could live that cheaply really appealed to me.  All I needed to do was to get a job for a few months and I could live out there forever! So I decided there and then to go out to the east and find out if it was true, but only after spending the winter in my mountain hut; which is another story!

This chance meeting in a hostel in Glasgow led me to an adventure of a life time crossing Europe, Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan through the Khyber Pass and into Pakistan then up to Peshawar, up into the Hindu Kush Himalaya and the Tribal areas where the Taliban are now fighting. And I did it in a 1965 Triumph Herald, just like the one in the picture above. (eat your heart out Jeremy Clarkson) I didn’t make it into India but I did make it home many months later. That really is another story.

This trip was a life changing experience which I could never have known had I not taken a big gamble and followed a dream. A chance meeting led me to a whole new life of adventures.

Now I have used the word “chance” but I don’t believe in chance and I don’t believe in luck, or that some people are lucky while the rest of us aren’t.

I believe in the Power of the Universe.  The 1st Law of the Power of the universe is that it conspires to help all of us and aid us along the way so that we can all realise our dreams. All we have to do is to go with the flow. Some people believe that we never have meetings purely by chance and from everyone we meet there is something we can learn.

We can all follow our dreams and you if you do you will be amazed at how the Universal Power helps you. But you have to have courage traveler and the way is never, never easy, and if it were, it wouldn’t be an adventure would it?

So take heart this Miserable Monday and look out for the opportunities which are all around you. We travel this amazing road of life not quite knowing where it’s going. But it sure as hell is going somewhere!

Now before you all go dancing in the streets shouting “I’ve got it made, the universe is on my side. I am going to win the lottery; I am going to be rich, famous and beautiful” You need to read the small print!!

And the small print should read;

1. You never get something for nothing.  (Money doesn't fall from trees; you don't suddenly become a supermodel;you can't be a brain surgeon without putting in some get the picture)

You actually have to strive towards your dream/goal

It’s no good sitting and waiting for it to happen.

2. You have to believe, really believe in achieving your dream.

3. You have to be aware of all opportunities around you.

 The 2nd Law of the Power of the Universe

Now I need to reiterate that the Power of the universe is completely impartial and benign and is available to all to use for so called “good” or so called “evil”

However I must draw your attention next to the “Totally Selfish” clause or 2nd law.

The one that goes something like; I am really a complete selfish bast**d...I just want the money/power/ego trip. I don’t care what it takes or who I have to walk all over/kill or generally be nasty to, to get what I want.

Should you be foolish enough to invoke the Totally Selfish Clause and you tread all over people, become rich and powerful or whatever it is you want, then the 2nd rule of the Power of the Universe comes into play.

You still get what you want, but eventually there is a price to pay for your misuse of the Universal Power.

 You know what I mean…..“What goes around comes around” “what you sow so shall you reap” or simply “Karma” long term or short term. Basically no good will come of it for you or your immortal soul…honest. This is a universal fact.

 I would like to add one other little fact of life that I picked up along the way.

I once read an article on the state of HAPPINESS.

I was probably a bit miserable at the time and felt it would give me the secret to eternal happiness. What it said and I will keep this brief and hope you get the full realization in your own time, is this:

Happiness is not a natural state of mind. It isn’t something we have a right to or a monopoly on, just because we are human.

Happiness is something to be achieved; it has to be worked at, worked for, thought about, and created from our own positive actions and thoughts.


So don’t just expect to be happy this year, make sure you work at it, try to  make your friends, family, work colleagues and even strangers, happy, and don’t forget yourself.

Perhaps we could call this the 3rd Law of the Universe.

Simple really, or is it? Well we can all keep trying!


So a 'Happy Miserable January 16th' to all.




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